If I Could Wake Up Anywhere: BEACH EDITION

While packing each of my two suitcases 
in preparation for the mystery trip Tyler is taking me on
{one for hot weather, one for cold weather}
I started to ask the obvious questions
one starts to ask herself 
when she has had no part in planning the trip she is about to go on:

"Where could we be going?"

"Have I been there before?"

"Should I have been eating for swimsuit attire this week?"

"Will this trip suck?"

I started to dream about where we might go...

Somewhere close by & relaxing?

I would be more than happy in a cottage by the coast for four days.

Somewhere new & exciting?

I hear Morocco is nice this time of year.

I realized I could be pretty content with any place Tyler takes me.

And then I got to thinking...
Where would I want to go?

Like, if I could pick to be anywhere tomorrow when I wake up...
where in the world would I want to be?

Then I decided to let some other people answer that same question....

Welcome to the guest series where some of my favorite bloggers
{and I'm sure some of yours, as well}
answer this exciting question.

These three bloggers drifted to warm climates
with fruity drinks & quiet nights...

photography by: kevin dotolo

Cliche? Who cares. 
I want to wake up in Kauai, Hawaii where my husband and I honeymooned. 
It was the most beautiful, exciting, and fulfilling week of my life.

 It was the best of everything... 
relaxation with not a care in the world 
mixed with exciting adventures, new experiences, freshest food, and most delicious cocktails. 

If I could wake up anywhere in the world, 
I'd want to be there with my hubby waking up on the pillow next to me.

Lately I've been craving a little r&r. 

My perfect getaway would be to wake up in Tahiti 
in a private hut floating over the water 
with my hubby relaxing by my side. 

image via
It would be paradise to wake up on the ancient Aeolian islands in Sicily; 
coffee in hand as we gaze at the volcano Stromboli, 
take dips in the crystal waters 
and eat fresh citrus fruits off the tree!

Ahh... don't each of those places sound completely perfect?

Now it's your turn to play the game...
Where would you go if you could wake up anywhere?

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