His & Hers

Check out Tyler being featured on the hip men's fashion blog, Something Legit.

I posted this pic of him at the Tate Modern on *instagram the other day
and, soon after, the site owners, Lauren & Laura contacted me about posting him on the site.

Obviously, I was excited.

Obviously, Tyler was embarrassed. 

Tyler's style has evolved significantly from when I first met him...
his standard uniform of zip hoodies, yankees hat & white converse has come a long way.

{Though I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for that style. I thought he was so hot.}

I'd LOVE for you to click over & leave a comment...
it'd make him feel cool. :)

On another note,
my feature in Heart Home Mag's summer issue
 is now out & live.

Have you seen it? 

You can find my spread on pages 96 & 97.

I really like this one...
it talks about summertime in England, 
which is a fun, crazy... and often, soggy affair. 

This magazine is getting awesome as it develops it's personality & style.

I feel so lucky be part of the contributing team!

*instagram username: aspiringkennedy | ps. instagram is the funnest. screw facebook. :)
**i'm really behind on emails. sorry if you have written & haven't heard back. i'm working on it!!

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