Hot Diggity Vlog.

As a way of extending an olive branch
to the compounding unanswered emails in my inbox,
I'm taking a leap into awkwardness
and offering to do... a vlog.

If you have any questions for me
on anything from expat living, blogging, travel 
or just something thats been bugging you (my hair?)....
either email them to me
or leave them as comments below.

Sometime in the next week or so,
from some random location that I find myself,
I'll vlog my responses back.

{Yeah, I just made vlog a verb.}

"Are you actually in the witness protection program?"
"Will you please stop showing us pictures of food?"
"What countries have banned in response for you taking so many gross kissing pictures?"

Ok, I'm sure they won't be the questions won't all be that bad,
but I am excited for you choose the topics...

Besides, I sort of think this is only fair
 after subjecting you to the bizarre topics 
that momentarily pass through my head.

Beth captured some of my video chat glamour via skype. Lucky you will get to see this, too!

And since this will be 100% guaranteed to make you laugh
at my awkwardness while talking to a camera,
all I can ask in return is  
for a few questions that make me laugh, too. 

*Only nice & funny questions will be answered. 
All others will be sent to the blogging police squad for immediate execution by firing squad.

Posted on June 6, 2012 and filed under "blog world", "movies".