Pack Your Bags: Jacobite Steam Train

Does a "Jacobite Steam Train" not sound completely dorky?

The answer is to the above question is:


It sounds like train carrying freight in librarians,
bearded men wearing cargo shorts and socks with sandals 
& young snotty-children clutching to obscure toys like rock collections.

I guess if you notice all the grey-hairs sitting around you on the train,
you'll realize your aging social life will sooner find you on an Alaskan cruise
than any bikini-clad summer pool parties reminiscent of MTV Spring Break in Panama City.

Then again, if I'm honest with the person I really am,
I probably feel much more comfortable over there anyway...

So it was no surprise that I was more than giddy to spend a morning on this train
working my way up through the hills of Scotland a few weeks ago.

Because while it may sound lamer than girl scouts without any cookies,
a trip on this old steam train is, actually, totally awesome.

Recognize this view?

It's the bridge that the Hogwarts Express goes over in Harry Potter.

All aboard!

PS. Scotland is really pretty.

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Posted on June 27, 2012 and filed under "scotland", "travel".