Sk-In The Know

Having good skin has always been a bit of a struggle for me.

If I'm honest, it's because I've typically been too lazy to take the time
to take off my make-up & wash my face before bed.

So basically, I wanted great skin without doing anything.

Which, obviously, didn't work.

Last year, my friend Julie forwarded me Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP issue
on her favorite finds from French Pharmacies.

I was planning to go to Marseilles later that month for work,
so I jotted down a list on my phone,
& scooped up a few items when I was there.

Then a few weeks later, the craziest thing started happening:
my skin started to clear up.

Weird, I know.
Who knew face products, when used, actually could do stuff?

I got a little addicted to the idea of not having flaky skin
and patches of oiliness & build-up,
so I started getting into the whole idea.

A year later,
I'm a full out believer
that if you take care of your skin,
it can actually look pretty nice.

I've added a few other things since my trip to France...
my bathroom shelf now includes a few more things 
that make my skin look great today
and will, hopefully, help it looks its best in the years to come!

susan posnick colorflo | avene eau thermal | chanel uv essentiel | bioderma makeup remover | caudalie cabernet face scrub

The one thing I have yet to find is a good night cream.

I know, I know... "La Mer!" 
But you guys, it is SO expensive.
Surely there is something just as good 
that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars?

Or is is really just THAT good?

Tell me what you think below, I'd love your input!

Posted on June 24, 2012 and filed under "beauty", "wear", "wishlist".