Hello Dahl-ing.

Did anyone else love Roald Dahl as much as I did? 

My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Saffold, used to read to us
every day after lunch & recess.

We would storm in from lunch in a loud, sweaty mess
and he would have us sit around him on the carpet 
as he read to us Roald Dahl.

He would use funny voices for each of the characters 
and place agonizing pauses in the most unbearable of scenes.

He would spend twenty minutes transporting us 
into the magical worlds only Dahl could craft
and our obnoxiousness melted into unbreakable focus & silence.

{What Miss Honey was to Matilda, so Mr. Saffold was to me.}

The BFG, Danny Champion of the World, James & The Giant Peach...

I just hope some day my kids love them as much as I did.

Or I may have to go all "Witches" on them and turn them into mice.

What was your favorite Roald Dahl story?

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