Just In Case You Wondered... The Mayflower Pub

Just in case you were curious,
here are some pictures from 
our little Independence Day soiree at the Mayflower Pub!

This pub is tucked in a neighborhood 
quite a bit out from central London.

It's tucked on a quiet street
in the middle of a neighborhood,
but I am SO glad that my friend, Holly, found it...

because it was the perfect place to spend the evening!

{And there were some other Americans there who had the same idea. Instant friends!}

The pub was built on the site of the jetty where the Pilgrims boarded the Mayflower.

It's been there, ever since the 1600's, watching the view of the London skyline change over time.

I did my best to dress festive... but Holly shamed my attempts.

No one outfits for the 4th of July like the South Dakota Wal-Mart.

We ate delicious American food like cheeseburgers...

and some English food, too, like chicken & leek pie.

While there may not have been any roman candles or sparklers,
their Eton Mess was making me see fireworks.


Then we soaked up the sunshine before returning home.

I hope your holiday was (or is about to be) as great as ours!

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Posted on July 4, 2012 and filed under "London", "holiday".