Midnight Ellum

You know how you know certain people 
from a long time ago...
and regardless of how many years pass,
 you still see them as the same person they were when you first met?

They are kinda immortalized in that younger version of themselves
when the only direction you both had in life 
was towards Sonic Happy Hour.

And most of the time, you see them through those lenses,
except for random moments when the fog is lifted 
and you see them for the person they are today....

and you realize, dang, actually your friend is amazing.

That's how I feel today after watching the video my friend, Laura, posted.

I mean, I knew she picked up playing the bass when we worked together in Dallas,
I knew she started a band called The Black Frames with her brother, Tommy, & friend, Patrick,
but between living an ocean apart and her being incredibly humble,
that's about all I knew...

Until today when I watched this video of her band's new song, Midnight Ellum.

And it's totally awesome.

Three cheers for friends who grow into the best versions of themselves.

What's the best new song you've heard this summer?

Posted on July 23, 2012 and filed under "Laura Busby", "friends", "life", "movies".