Summer Festivals: What? Wear?

Here in England, 
they don't just do "concerts" in the summer...

No, they do full out multi-day festivals.

Similar to Coachella & Bonnaroo,
but these things are everywhere from May-July.

Now, I've long since abandoned my tent-sleeping days...
and, if I'm honest, I generally feel too old for concerts.

There's so much standing...
the music is so loud...
everything has a sticky feeling floors...
and everyone around you seems to be drunk or incompetent. 

But as much as I might protest,
a couple times a year an artist/group will roll into town
and get me out of my grouchy pants and in the mood to party.

This summer Coldplay & FUN. did the trick.

So while you wouldn't have seen me dancing in wellies & denim shorts 
in some muddy pasture lined in port-a-potties anytime this summer,
you might have found me rocking out here...

or here.

And if I wasn't dressing like a 19 year-old college student,
what did I wear?

Well, something along the lines of this...

dress | polish | earrings | cuff | sandals

Festivals are a huge part of summer here in Britain...

but until Billy Joel and Elton John do a three-day gig
with Paul Simon & Ladysmith Black Mombazo... 
you won't find me camping out anytime soon. 

Is there a group {or artist} that you are dying to see live?

PS. I'm guest posting for Jillian today on Cornflake Dreams
while she is away getting married or something like that. :)
I've jotted down some Hepburn-style advice for the new bride- check out my guest post & her blog!

Posted on July 16, 2012 and filed under "style watch", "summer".