The Vlog.

As some of you might have seen my post on facebook tonight
during the final moments of editing,
I might have gotten in over my head when I offered to do this vlog.

I loved getting all of your questions,
(it's amazing how many of you asked the exact same ones),
I loved thinking through the answers,
but answering them on tape?

Didn't love that so much.

The original plan was to be low-key and film this on our terrace,
but then Tyler was super sweet & supportive
& wanted to help me film it somewhere cool.

We compromised on my favorite street in our neighborhood 
and after an hour of awkward taping, we got seven minutes of decent video.

So if this is all so awkward, why did I do it?

Because after watching my friend Michelle's vlog-
I felt like I knew her all the better.

Somehow seeing her "in real life" confirmed who I thought she was
after reading her blog for so long...
and I thought it might be nice to do here.

 I hope you like it,
I hope it answers some of your questions,
but I mainly hope you don't notice how many times
I say the phrase "I don't know."

So.... what'd you think?
Am I what you thought I'd be like?

*special thanks to Tyler Knight for putting up with hearing this audio on loop for hours while I edited. poor thing.
** I know, I know... I didn't answer every question on this... it was just getting sooo long. I'll try to address them in the future! (Or you can email me if you're needing an answer sooner.) :)
Posted on July 2, 2012 and filed under "TK", "life", "movies".