Why I Love: Fashion For Home

While I often find myself in a hotel room
& sleeping cuddled up to my purse
on an overnight train...

I actually do have a sense of home.

In fact, I've always felt that it's because 
of this solid sense of having a place to belong
that I feel to free to roam this pretty planet.

I know that, regardless of what may happen, 
I always have a good home base that I can return to.

{Editor's Note: I know you aren't supposed to end sentences with "to,"
but I can't reword it in a way that doesn't sound stupid. Please forgive me.}

With Pinterest bubbling over with dreamy interiors
and designers (like my friend like Beth) whizzing up gorgeous pads for clients,
it's hard not to set your standards high
on what your own home should look like.

The only problem is: 
my bank account never matches these aspirations.

That's why I really dig Fashion for Home.

This site has really great pieces
that can transition into modern or transitional spaces,
has super functional pieces for urban living,
and is, drumroll..... affordable!


The mid-century inspired range is really cool...

How cool is that?

Beyond the furniture,
they also feature some really cool furnishings & accents.

{Honestly, I want that fire fixture... I'm thinking tableside s'mores.}

So there it is: Fashion for Home...
have you ever heard of this line before
or is it as sweet sounding to your ears as it was to mine?

*This post was sponsored by Fashion for Home. However, I only partner with companies I actually like & want to recommend... so go on, give it a try. I honestly think you'll like them!
Posted on July 5, 2012 and filed under "interiors", "why i love".