Souvenir Style: Paris

It's amazing how quickly we as humans adapt.

This is true for so many situations,
but I've been thinking about it 
with regards to fashion this week.

After traveling a bit
I've come to understand
that the fashion seen in cities around the world
is a mainly a result of the climate and lifestyle.

England's crazy weather = layers, lighter coats + messy hair.
France's chilly winter = bulky scarves + warm wool coats + slim pants to offset the bulkiness
Italy's sunny beaches = as little as possible to achieve the most skin surface area to tanning

{You get the idea.}

So while I'm now back in Dallas
wearing glittery shorts, enormous necklaces & wedges,
I'm dreaming of getting back to the cooler climate
and the simpler look that I fell in love with in this spring in Paris.

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Something about this look 
leaves me dreaming for a morning like I had this spring.

Just a normal day... running errands throughout town....
grabbing treasures from the nearby boulangerie....
walking a bit further than I'd anticipated...
and feeling like, yes, this was the life.

Where have you traveled that captured your heart (and fashion)?

Posted on August 15, 2012 and filed under "Paris", "style watch", "wear".