Flat Land

You might have seen from my instagrams 
that we moved into a new hood.

We are now living in Notting Hill...
but not only that,
we are living in, pretty much, the cutest place ever.

We have stumbled upon our own 900 square feet of heaven.

It's just what you'd expect a London flat to look like.

It's filled with light from big windows,
has pretty tan hardwoods,
little sprinklings of character like built-in bookshelves,
and the best part is:
it has a second bedroom.

Everything just feels so cozy, which I love.

In fact, as a kid
I used to try and convince my parents
that they should sell our house
and move all six of us into an apartment.

The idea of us all being smashed in there together
seemed really appealing...
plus, I was pretty sure that all apartments would give me
walking distance to 7-11 for unlimited after-school Slurpees.

I'm finally getting to live out those dreams...
except I have Ottolenghi at the end of our block
that I can walk to for snacks.

We feel so fortunate 
to have this little chunk of space
as our new permanent home.

{Especially after living out of suitcases & temporary housing for a year!}

I'll have some "real" pictures to show you of our house once it feels finished,
but until that time
here are some Pinterest finds that are keeping me moving...
apparently in the direction of crowded bookshelves & pops of yellow
and away from any chance of being called a minimalist.

Sue me.

What feels like home to you?

PS. I get internet installed Monday, 
so that means: I can get back to blogging like a real person!

*instagram name: aspiringkennedy
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Posted on September 1, 2012 and filed under "interiors", "life".