The Most Epic BLATE Ever.

For those of you who don't know
a "blate" is a blogger date.

A few months back, 
over dinner in Glasgow
Megan & I started scheming up 
what could be an amazing hen-do blate
{hen-do = British bachelorette party}
after her and Stephen got engaged.

{We had a feeling it was right around the corner.}

Obviously, I suggested Italy.

Obviously, Megan thought it wasn't a terrible idea.

Fast forward to 3 months later,
and I'm sitting on the rug of my living room 
packing for a 5 day get away to Tuscany
with two of my favorite blogging friends.

{Us American ExPats in Europe have to stick together.}

We meet in Pisa tomorrow
where we will drive to a villa
and lounge in the country for two days...
after that, our men come to join the party.

I simply can't wait for several reasons:

1. It's so fun to spend time with blogger friends in real life.
Getting to have girl time with Megan & Liz is just what the doctor ordered.

2. We will be in Lucca, which (as I have previously said) 
is Tyler & my's favorite city in the world.
That's a bold statement, but we love it there.
 Remember when I spent my birthday there last year?

3. There is this really awesome gelateria there 
with a particular homemade flavor that I love, Raffaello.

It's white chocolate, hazlenut and fresh coconut... just like the candy truffles. 

Last summer, we drove all the way from Florence on our last night
and each ate a large cone full of it...
and went back in for a second cone when we finished.

So yeah, that's another pretty big draw.

If you could join us in Tuscany, 
what would you insist on doing/eating/seeing?

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