FAQ: We're Having Twins

The fact that we are having TWO babies this March
is the basis of some hilarious conversations.

Between us, between our families, between our friends...
oh my goodness.

The craziness that is in store for us,
I just can not imagine...
and I can't really wait either.

After knowing for a few months about this huge addition,
I've become a bit of a pro on answering some of the common questions.

Here they are:

Oh, twins? Were you on fertility treatment?


We are having "spontaneous" twins,
as our doctors and midwives call them...
though that sounds like we had more say in the process
then is actually true.

It wasn't a whimsical decision we made.

Promise. :)

{But honestly... it is the FIRST question a lot of  people ask. Bizarre.}

Do twins run in your family?

Oh, yes.

My mom has them littered throughout her family tree.

Her mom had some, her grandma had them,
and her aunt had one pair of fraternal twins on October 3rd...
and then a second pair of fraternal twins the next year on October 3rd.

It makes me start to sweat just to type that.

Do you know if they are identical or non-identical?

Yep. We know!

They are "non-identical" twins.

Do you know the genders?

Not for another two weeks...
but I think it's a boy & a girl.

And I want them to look just like that.

So there.

My guess is officially on the record.

Tyler thinks the same.... we'll see who right/wrong we are soon.

What's the different in identical & fraternal twins?

Identical twins: One egg splits and makes two little people that are adorably... the same. Kinda.

Fraternal/Non-Identical: Two eggs get fertilized and grow at the same time. 

Basically, I'm having two totally different kids, at once. 

Okay, imagine you and your sibling. 

Now imagine if you both had the same birthday. 
That's the jist of what is happening here. 
Two birds.... One nest?

Wondering if twins might run in your family, too?

Here are the basic rules of "inheriting" the twin gene:

1. Only fraternal (UK: "non-identical twins") are hereditary.

Identical twins are the result of an inexplicable happening
(the egg splitting after fertilization)
and, because of the randomness, isn't something that passes down.

With that said, fraternal twins are the only type of twins that you can "inherit."

2. Twins only pass down through females.

Since fraternal twins are the only type of hereditary twins,
either your body spits them out at a normal rate
or you have overly-hyper ovaries and spits out more than one egg.

The bottom line is, boys have no part in the equation of passing on twins.

Who knew, right? 
Not me.

Well, that's all the personal information & science I have to share for the day.

Do you have personal info or biological facts 
that you'd like to share with the class?

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