Florence, Italy: Trattoria ZaZa

There are so many wonderful benefits to traveling.

If you've ventured out much into this vast world of ours, 
you'll know what treasures await you in new cultures:

quirky sayings...
interesting style...
unique approaches to 
religion, family, dating,
and ever other facet of life
that our home cultures view so differently.

While I love discovering those in every place we go,
I also really just love to go for the food.

There, I said it.

When we went to Florence the other week,
I was a bit determined to take everyone to Trattoria ZaZa.

Will I be bold enough to claim it as "the best restaurant in Florence?"

No.... because, unfortunately, I haven't eaten in all of the restaurants in Florence.

Though it's a goal I hope to accomplish.

I can say it is a place that is always delicious,
well-located to a day's trip to the city,
and a crowd-pleaser.

Plus, it's really sentimental to me.

I spent time there in college with my friends (now sister-in-law),
I went on dates there (with my then boyfriend),
I've eaten many meals with my family there throughout the years...
and now Tyler & I have our own handful of special memories together there.

The bruschetta is great.

The truffle ravioli is fantastic.

The ribollita is a Tuscan treat that I never miss.

Ribollita = minestrone soup with bread cooked into it.
It's a hearty soup that Italian farmers would make to use day old bread...
I'm not going to lie, it's fantastic.

the crew: stephen, megan & corey (liz's main man)

So there you have it:

One solid recommendation for a very tasty meal in Florence, Italy.

{Editor's Note: Reservations for dinner not required, but highly suggested!}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

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