I'm Not Actually Having A Baby.

After my big announcement post,
I started to have a knot in my stomach.

I needed to come clean with you all
before the idea of me holding a little chubby bundle 
 in the near future didn't get out of hand.

You see the truth is,
as the title of this post implies,
I'm not actually having a baby.

I know, 
I'm sick.

It's twisted that I let it go this far,
but I thought I should clear things up 
before they got too out of control.

You see, 
it's important that you know
that I'm not actually going to have a baby.

The truth of the matter is,
I'm going to have two of them.

I'm having twins.

our double-decker babies are ready for london living. 

We can not believe it.

We are constantly laughing at the idea of TWO babies
showing up on our doorstep next spring.

{Editor's Note: Yes, I'm still pretending that's how they'll make their debut.}

When I was in the states,
we went to get a sonogram while we were in Dallas.

Apparently, three more weeks was too long for us to wait.

My mom was watching my nephews 
and I told her to bring them along for the show.

So Tyler, my mom, my three nephews & a nurse 
all crowded around the tiny clinic table
as she whipped out the wand 
and started doing her baby watch.

After about a minute,
she sat the wand down.

"I need to ask you a question," she said.


What type of questions arise at this point?

Do you like two-headed babies?

Before I could mentally downshift to the possibilities,
she barreled on,
"Were you taking any fertility medication?"

Now I live in the first world
and am pretty good at putting together context clues,
so I was right on cue with what she was implying.

"How many of them are there?"

"Just two," she said. 
"You're having twins."

When I asked her if she was kidding 
she just shook her head no
and solemnly said she never joked about these sort of things.

As she showed us our two little blobby babies,
I just laid there laughing,
looking back and forth between the screen and at Tyler,
 and wiping away the tears that rolled down my face.

Two babies!?

We spent the rest of the day re-telling family and friends the news.

It was one of the funnest things I've ever done.

So there you have the WHOLE story...

No, I'm not having a baby,
I'm having two of them.

{God has an amazing sense of humor.}

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