It's Time You Head to Iceland.

In the midst of all the baby mama drama I've been causing lately,
it's important to remember
that I've been in Iceland having a pretty amazing time.

{I'm probably headed home to London as you read this post.}

This new trip was the brilliant idea of my colleagues 
in efforts to add a new dimension to our fall calendar.

{Fact: I work with some of the coolest people on the planet.}

When they approached me with the idea,
I was, obviously, not mad about the addition in the slightest.


I'll have more of an official guide to Iceland coming up later,
but just consider this part one 
of an amuse-bouche for our Iceland trip.


Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Yes, I went horseback riding. It was supposed to be an easy kiddie ride that they said would be fine "in my condition."
Until my (freaking idiot) horse decided to sprint down a ravine about a quarter of a mile,
leaving me to hold on with my legs... no real saddles here in Iceland to lean onto.

Obviously, I regret putting myself in this situation, but God completely protected me from getting seriously hurt.
 My thighs are obscenely bruised and Tyler has begun a campaign to eat horses. (Joking).
Gorgeous waterfall at Skogafoss.
This may or may not have been my breakfast two days in a row. (Read: totally was.)

Lobster soup from Reykjavic's famous, Seabarons.

 I've been here for 10 days
and I'm still trying to digest all I have seen...
this country is overwhelmingly larger than life.

I've posted most of these pictures on Instagram
and have been keeping up with that way
while we have been on the road.

What? You're not on Instagram?
It's probably time you change that.

{My username is: aspiringkennedy}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
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