Just a thought...

The other day I was having a really good talk with a dear friend.

Mind-blowing isn't it?

Girls talking over tea and apple tart tatins... with ice cream.

Ok, so that's not the interesting part of this post.

{Editor's Note: Until I arrive to said interesting point, 
enjoy some pretty pictures by the talented Victoria Wall Harris
taken in NYC for our 5th anniversary.}

The noteworthy part of catching up with my friend
was the articulation of a little idea
that has been bugging me in a big way lately.

It has to do with happiness
and the ever-seeking quest 
that people take to find it.

The thing is...
being happy isn't a destination that you suddenly arrive at
once you get everything that you've always wanted.


It's a choice that you make every day
to enjoy life as it arrives before you.

If you hold out for "happiness" to arrive
after something big happens,
you'll never find it.

Do you know why I think that is?

Because if you can't enjoy the small things in life
and be happy with the little moments & pleasures,
then you'll always be too bogged down to enjoy the really big wins in life.

Take today to find {authentic} pleasure in something simple.

Dress up something ordinary 
and revel in how good it can be.

Sleeping in.
Spooning someone you love.
Morning coffee from your favorite shop.
The ride to work in the sunshine.
A really good CD that you haven't heard since college.
A forgotten bag of jolly ranchers in your office drawer.

Whatever small thing that you can enjoy for "better than average."

Not only will it make today better,
but when you actually do strike gold in life...
it will be all the sweeter.

*all images by victoria wall and original to aspiring kennedy
Posted on October 3, 2012 and filed under "life", "live", "make your life better".