Just Your Average {Aspiring Kennedy's} Day

I think in blogging
its easy to make this space
a haven for venting.

We use the term "keeping it real"
to gripe and complain
about things...
and honestly, I try to not do that here.

You guys have enough going on in your own life...
you don't need to hear about my own drama
and honestly, it's a good mental exercise 
for me to find a nice element of life
and savour it a little here.

I really believe that almost every single day has those moments.

In the midst of what has been a really hectic and not-so-awesome week
mixed with getting sick, work junk and spending last night in the hospital with a student,
I was starting to get dragged down into Snarkyville.

But all it took was spending the afternoon with people who are happy 
and a surprise run-in with Tyler at the grocery store to get me back in stride.

Suddenly, life seems okay again.

Actually, it's better than okay.

It's really good.

Our Christmas Card after moving into our first home, 2008.

I'm sitting here with a giant belly
half-full of babies & half-full of chinese food
while I watch 30 Rock
 and nurse a bloody nose.

{Editor's note: Now that is keeping it real, folks.}

Life isn't always perfect...
but man, most days are pretty good, aren't they?

Here's to good normal days...
and the occasional glorious ones
captured in the moments below.

5th Anniversary- NY, NY (Photo by: Victoria Wall Harris)

2nd Anniversary- Victoria, B.C.

4th Anniversary- Cortona, Italy

Iceland, 2012

*all images original to aspiring kennedy
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