Homeward Bound- The AK Movie

Today I'm flying to the States
for a short visit home
to be pampered by some really amazing women
who are spoiling our babies with showers.

{We feel pretty loved.}

I'm flying solo on this leg
until Tyler arrives later next week.

While that may seem pretty standard,
it's actually a thought that is rocking my world.

I've flown these long-hauls flights so many times alone over the years.

Whether I was flying home from a summer in Africa in college,
flying to/from a trade show in Italy for work,
or heading to the States while Tyler was in classes at Oxford,
I'm pretty used to doing this on my own.

So the idea that this will probably be the last time I do this journey alone 
for the unforeseeable future 
is kinda rocking my world.

I made this video last year 
for an American Airlines promo last year
and, for some silly reason,
it still gets me when I watch it.

Something about traveling, family, heading home, Coldplay...
well, it just combines so many things that I love in one short little clip.

Bon Voyage!

Is it bad luck to wish that for yourself? 

Oh well! 

With as much as my back aches while sitting these days, 
I'm taking all the self-prescribed well wishes I can get. :)

Posted on December 5, 2012 and filed under "TK", "live", "love", "movies", "travel".