Life In These United States

... while this blog has been quiet
since I flew home to the States,
life has been anything but that.

It's been full of spending time with people that I love,
doing things that jolly England just doesn't offer ($20 pedicures, anyone?),
being spoiled at showers for our quickly-approaching arrivals,
and eating more dairy/carbs/fat than I can articulate.

I have one baby that was leaning a bit on the scrawny side at our last scan
so I'm doing my best to stock up on extra calories while I'm here
to help a sister out.

Who said motherhood was a selfless gig?

The other day, I cruised through the grocery store with my mom
to grab a few things for dinner.

Typically, I can adapt fairly easily between cultures
but at times- 
I find myself reeling in a bit of reverse culture shock.

I'll find myself in a situation that seems so foreign and forgotten
and it leaves me confused on what to do next.

Items that I once needed in past years
 that are now frivolous, forgotten and slightly disgusting.

Yet somehow, their unexpected appearance
 leaves me with an urge to stockpile them 
with the fervor of a suburban mom at a strip mall on Black Friday.

And that's exactly how I ended up
walking out of the grocery store 
with one gallon of peppermint ice cream,
a can of orange cinnamon rolls,
an assortment of flavored coffee creamers
& seven boxes of Kraft macaroni & cheese.

So here's the plaguing question...
who doesn't like orange cinnamon rolls
and how can I change your mind?

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Posted on December 16, 2012 and filed under "babies", "delicious dish", "life", "stonehaven".