Official Documentation- Bebes on Board!

Here's a confession:

I've always felt really uncomfortable
looking at people's maternity pictures.

Something about the belly showing
with ribbons wrapping around inverted belly-buttons
and fluffy layers of tuille draped over lady parts
always left me feeling... a little weird.

So when people asked who/what/when
I was going to do for ours maternity pics,
I kinda shrugged it off
as "not really my thing."

However, after going through
this amazing miracle of growing a human (or two) 
inside of my body,
I kinda softened up on the concept
and realized that, yes, it is a special time
and I will want to remember in the years to come.

Plus, the idea that the talented Liz Denfeld could distract
the awkwardness typically associated
with maternity pictures
with the gorgeous surroundings
of Notting Hill really helped.

{Warning: There are quite a few here, apologies.}

When I look at these pictures,
I can't help but smile.

I was released from the hospital 
the evening before
after a pre-eclampsia scare 
that left me with puffy eyes and swollen legs...
and as much as part of me cringes
looking at myself looking so... well, pregnant,
the other part of me is actually pretty proud
of all that my body is doing.

Having a face that looks like I've been crying
and two chubby legs
in exchange for being 8.5 months pregnant
with two healthy girls
growing well inside me?

It's an easy swap.

It's amazing that God made our bodies to pull this feat off...
and I'm thankful for Liz 
for snapping up this special time in our life.

*all images by Liz Denfeld. 
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