A Group Effort

Many of you have said 
that you can't pretend to understand how we must feel...
but actually, 
I think most of you actually can empathize 
with what we are going through...

It's evident in the way you have taken care of us.

I actually think you can imagine what this feels like
and that's why we have been covered in loved 
through the past few weeks.


From the immediate arrival of family
  to be by our sides
as we said goodbye to our daughter...

Family stroll through to Kensington Palace in an attempt to get some fresh air.

Grandparents out for lunch in Notting Hill
A field trip out of the house for tea at Fortnum & Mason with my mom & Tyler's mom

... dinners & groceries dropped at our door...

... gorgeous flowers & sweet gifts sent 
to brighten our day and remember our girls ...

She likes our shenanigans, don't be fooled.

messages of encouragement sent with perfect timing...

... and the faces of loved ones that come 
and offer hugs of support
 or that stay for a while 
reminding us that life is good
and that we are blessed.

You've rejoiced with us for the arrival of Viola
and you've grieved with us for the loss of our daughter.

Going through this with others
has made it bearable in a way
I hope that I never forget.

Thank you so much
for helping us calibrate 
to our new normal.

Viola's first Saturday morning on Portobello Road

I've read every single email that has come to my inbox.

Some make me cry big tears
and some make me laugh...
I'm so grateful for the friendships 
I've made with so many of you.

The blogging community
is an amazingly cool, smart 
& good-hearted crew.


And yes, the blog posts you've been seeing 
were written in advance
in anticipation of having my hands full post-delivery.

My brain isn't that functional yet. ;)

*images via instagram. Username: aspiringkennedy

Posted on March 11, 2013 and filed under "TK", "babies", "life".