Moving Right Along.

It's me again,
crawling out from behind the
slew of pre-written travel posts.

I have so much to talk about,
but find myself tapping on my keyboard
with a loss at where to start...

So I'll just ramble a bit
and see where we end up.

{I can hear you ask yourself how that changes this post from any other. Touche.}


This past weekend,
we had a service for our baby girl.

It was one month, to the day, after their birthday.

I know, that's quite a bit later than normal
to have a service...
but, honestly, our heads weren't with it 
to plan anything before then
and we wanted to wait 
for our parents to be there with us.

We were so lucky to find ourselves
surrounded by such sweet friends
and being reminded that, in light of our loss,
God is still so merciful.

A few days later,
we both are doing pretty good.

We are starting to get back into work...
the flat is getting cleaner....
and, hey, I actually took a bath tonight.

It feels like life is starting to move on!

But in the midst of daily routines
and the renewal of better personal hygiene,
 I still find myself really, really sad at times.

I'm not sure how to explain
how I can miss someone 
that I never really knew...
but I do.

And I probably will for a long time to come.

As someone who lives confidently and happily,
I'm not really sure what to do with that prospect.

The good news is,
even though those moments will be here...
moments like this will be much more frequent.

And I'm so glad that they are.

Getting to have a baby is such an incredible gift...
and getting to share it with Tyler makes it all the better.

We feel a loss,
but, in spite of it all,
know that we are incredibly blessed.


Again, I feel like I can't tell you enough:

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

*all images via Instagram. Username: aspiringkennedy 

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