Pulp Home Pillows are Pretty (&) Cheap.

I'm cheap.

I can't help it.

I love pretty things,
but I just can't justify shelling out top dollar for them.

I mean,
I think Gap at full price is kind of expensive.

And isn't Gap supposed to be, like, an affordable, low-end store?

If I'm going to pay $80 for something,
it won't be on the regular racks of a chain store at the mall.

It will be a hidden gem crammed in a back corner
of a designer sample sale
or outlet store,
thank you very much.

Or I'll shop on designer sale sites 
like Gilt Groupe 

So combine discount shopping
with one of my favorite companies, Peacock Alley
and a pillow line offering you two color different looks
that was designed by one of my best friends, Beth Dotolo,
and her partner in crime, Carolina Gentry-
the two brains behind Pulp Design Studios.

Whaddaya get?

Well, I get excited.

I bet you will, too.

These pillows have a reversible band
that gives you two options...
which, in my mind, says =
two pillows for the price of one at half off.

That's some solid math, people.

Go on, check out the sale, & snag one for your home
and support a fellow blogger!

{Do you read Beth's lifestyle blog Hello, Splendor? It's good stuff.}

Happy Weekend!!