Happy/Sad Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is this weekend. 

I can't believe how much has changed in a year.

This time last year, 

we were just two kids 

having fun living between Paris & London.

And then, I got pregnant.

{This was the video I took to record the moment- live from the bathroom of a Chinese massage parlor- ha!}

We began to dream of new our life with the three of us.

Until we found out it would actually be the four of us.

Our hearts swelled with anticipation

of the two sweet girls headed our way.

We felt like we had won the lottery.

For those nine months, we both glowed.

Dreams of walking the streets of London

each holding a little girl

amused our every thought.

We'd see little girls plodding along the sidewalk

and give each other side glances and smiles.

Life was never so sweet.

And then everything changed.

Tyler became a father.

I became a mother.

But life looked different than we thought it would.

Our world has changed from so much.

Even thought we feel so much joy,
we aren't those careless kids anymore.

In the course of a year,

we've gone from having zero kids 

to two girls 
to one.

Even though it hurt

-both emotionally & physically, I might add-

I'd do it all again.

In a heartbeat.

It was worth it all

to become a mother to both of my beautiful girls

even if it was for so much shorter than we wanted.

And while our dreams 
of holding both of our sweet daughters
throughout life's adventures are now gone,

I'm so thankful for those months I was lucky enough to carry them both.

Happy Mother's Day 
to all of us...

Those of us who raise babies.

Those of us who once raised babies.

Those of us who still wait for their turn to hold their baby.

And those of us who will always miss our babies.


Lots of love from my {aching/joyful} heart to yours.

*PS Me & Blogger are in a fight over this wonky formatting. 

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