The British Are Coming! #pinitforwardUK

My friend, Beth, forced me into blogging
all those many years ago.

She also forced me to join this new website called Pinterest
that all the other bloggers were doing.

So I did it,
because when Beth tells you to do something,
you do it.

I thought it was the coolest thing.

And soon after, most of my American friends
started to join in the fun
and it seemed like the world of Pinterest exploded.

Dreamy pictures of Parisian cafes,
Paleo recipes & fashion week styles
began trending through our lives
and began offering us more visual stimulation
than a 12 year old gets watching 
the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders at halftime.

My boards- I kind of love them.

And for the past few years,
there have been different waves of discovery
for this amazing site...

...except here in the UK.

It's not really as big of a deal.

But it will be.

{Kinda feels good to be sending trends the other way over the Atlantic, doesn't it?}

This month, 
Pinterest is officially here in the UK.

Helena, Amber, Evan (Pinterest founder!) & Me

Kicking off with a FUN party in London
and now the PIN IT FORWARD UK blog campaign,
they are officially here to stay!

Pin It Forward UK 2013

So what is Pinterest?
What does it mean to me?

It's a great way for bloggers
to pin ideas that inspire us for future posts...

it gives us a place to pin gadgets & travel gear
for our upcoming journeys...

it offers us working women a place to find
a delicious meal to make for dinner...

and, ultimately, it gives everyone stuck in a boring job
something fun to do every day from 2-4pm.

Are you already on Pinterest?

If not, it's time...

And if you need to learn more about it-
maybe check out the ABOUT page,
where you'll see... you know, me.

{PS. I feel SO cool to be featured here.}

Jump on the fun of meeting some great UK bloggers
by following the Pin It Forward UK campaign.

Tomorrow, my dear friend, Amber,
will be carrying the baton...
don't miss it!

Do you remember when you first "met" Pinterest?

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