The Hills Are Alive!

The hills are alive.
with the sound 
of an airplane landing at Heathrow...

Tyler lands this morning 
after being apart for 16 days.

That's a long time, guys.

She's so beary excited.

That's, like, 17% of Viola's life.

I'm already doing a happy dance
about him being back...

Special thanks for my mother-in-law
for being the wind beneath my wings for the past two weeks
helping with le bebe while I worked,
doing endless loads of laundry,
and never judging me for sleeping in
until 11:20 yesterday & today.

{Or at least, not letting on if you did!}

Today's going to be great for me.
I hope it's awesome for you, too!

How do you function on when you're on your own?

Better Off 
or Better Not?

*All images original to Aspiring Kennedy. Taken in Glen Brittle, Isle of Skye.
Posted on June 5, 2013 and filed under "Isle of Skye", "TK", "scotland", "viola".