You're Not As Big {Or Small} As You Think

 I recently went to a party for bloggers 
here in London.

It was a fancy party 
 in a gorgeous venue
full of pretty people
hugging each other 
and catching up over pretty drinks...
and I knew, like, no one.

I had a small handful of friendly faces,
but as people began to talk shop 
and discuss other blogs & other events,
I kept laughing to myself.

I had no idea who anyone was
or what any of the events were
that people were talking about so naturally.

I mean, I started to question if I was actually a legitimate blogger.

{Even though calling myself a "blogger" has always made me cringe.}

As I sat at the bus stop 
on the way home,
I clicked through twitter
and saw that a guest post I had written had gone live
 and had been linked from a blogging friend
who has a really cute new blog.

As I read her introduction to my blog,
she referred to me as a "major blogger."

And it got me thinking.

{Oh no. Here I go again.}
Here I was in the middle of feeling like a nobody
and, also, feeling pretty good about myself.

Could I actually be both?

I think the answer is... yeah, we can.

I think that most of the time it is easy
to lean one way or the other:
we feel pretty important at some moments
and totally insignificant in others.

We get over-inflated by people who like us, 
and then deflated by others who don't notice us.

Especially in blogging
when the number of followers
and posted comments is consistently present.

You get more "likes" than others on a picture. Plus one.
Someone else has a big time blogger comment on their post. Minus one.

Back and forth it goes.

But I have to tell you, 
and I can say this with a lot of certainty after 3 years of blogging....

None of it really matters.

Blogging is so fun. 

I've made some of my best friends 
through this crazy hobby.

The relationships are amazing...
but if you aren't finding yourself here
or making those relationships,
it's really okay.

Instead of going out and searching for new relationships
why not foster the ones that you already have?

Give attention to the people that already like you
and start forming deeper relationships with them.

Because you'll never be the biggest fish in the pond in blogging,
sorry- it's true. 

The Pioneer Woman, Naomi & Cup of Jo have already won that title.

But you can be a really big deal to someone else.


Posted on June 10, 2013 and filed under "blog world", "life".