A Few Of My Favorite (Blings): Viola Edition

My friend, Meg, is Australian.

We met her & her husband at Oxford
while our boys studied in the same "programme,"
and we all eventually ended up working in London after graduation.

We both also had baby girls.

She teaches me silly words that Aussies use
like arvo (afternoon) & bub (baby).

Meg is extremely creative
 and loves to bake & throw parties-
as you might have seen from my instagrams this weekend.

But most importantly to this blog post,
Meg makes Viola some of the cutest headbands.

 I begged her to put some on my site
so that anyone that had asked about them
could finally get some...

And, of course, like good friends do
I asked her to discount them. ;)

(And, like good friends do, she humored me & agreed!)

These are my three favorite styles that she makes.

The first two are made with fabrics from Liberty London-
only my favorite shop in the world.

For as busy as they are,
I think they somehow go with everything.

The third is probably my very favorite... 
with it's (handmade) over-the-top glittery gold bow.

You can also choose what color band you'd like from:
navy, pale pink, grey, white
& grey chevron

Suri Cruise only wishes she had worn one of these as a kid.

So, for this one time only, you can buy them directly 
from Aspiring Kennedy at a heck of a deal.

So here you go...
each style has a limited run,
so get 'em while they're hot.

Aspiring Kennedy Collection
Indicate which headbands here:
Child Age (for correct sizing)

You can also check out Meg's Etsy shop for more styles & goodies.


In the meantime,
I hope your weekend was killer
and that the week ahead is even better.

*images via MegMade

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