Baby's First Swim... a la mode.

Did you know "a la mode"
means "in the current style or fashion?"

While I may actually prefer
the Americanized version
that involves a mound of ice cream
being sat alongside- or on top- of something.

I mean, how did that become the term for 
adding ice cream to a hot dessert?

In the current fashion of... childhood obesity?

Not sure...
but I'm thankful someone made it happen.

I'm also thankful that my dear friend, Kyla,
snapped these pictures of Viola
having her first swim...

in an infiniti pool....

.... at a gorgeous chateau
sat amongst a vineyard
in Southern France.

That, my friend, is swimming in style.

If we keep up these kind of moves,
this baby's first words are going to be
"Treat Yo'self."

Moving beyond the ridiculousness of this girl's short life,
can I once again sing the praises of this gorgeous chateau?

If you missed it,

You can go check it out
while I stare out the window
at the grey skies of London
bemoaning the pseudo-summer.

{Yes, the fairy tale is over and we are back to living in reality!}

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy.

Posted on July 2, 2013 and filed under "France", "Hotels", "Southern France", "babies", "travel".