Rise To The Occasion

On Friday,
there was a small table
of really nice people
having a great time
over some awesome soufflés
at Dallas' beloved 

It was such a great time,
and- as admittedly awkward as those parties can be at the beginning-
turned out to be a FUN evening.

It's always so refreshing (and dare I say, "flattering?")
to meet people who read my blog.

The internet can be a tricky place
with false identities (ahem, Aspiring Kennedy?)
and tiny little profile pics...

You can never be too sure about who you're meeting out there.

So to show up and meet completely awesome/normal people
really floored me.

I can't believe that such cool people 
 take the time to read my blog.

I'm not even sure my own mom reads it.

Ok, I'm drifting...

All that to say,
I was on a high from getting to hang out 
with so many sweet ladies.

Thanks for coming out-
blogger meet-ups wouldn't be nearly as fun
if no one was there to actually meet up!

And now, 
some pictures
to prove that it actually happened.

the set-up.
fancy fizzy water
viola got some swag from the party. a sophie giraffe from helen! merci. :)
getting our instagrams on... #dallasbloggerbash
marshmallow soup  with floating "marshmallows" of mini goat cheese souffles!
crab souffle.
les femmes du blogging :)
bread pudding soufflé
table dancing.
me & my co-host, beth dotolo.
this strawberry souffle has been on my mind ever since the party. gorgeous!
last ladies standing. closing down the party!

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Posted on August 19, 2013 and filed under "blog world", "dallas", "delicious dish", "parties".