Pack Your Bags: Lanzarote (Canary Islands)

A long, long time ago
(like the Autumn 2010)...

Tyler & I were two young bucks
freshly moved across the pond
to ye Olde England
and were making it our job
to see as many places as physically possible.

One weekend, 
I had a work break
coincide with a gap 
in his classes.

It was a Tuesday
and on Thursday
we would have 4 days off.

So I went online and found the cheapest
tickets to a place we had never been:

I had no idea where that was.

I had to google it.

It showed up on google as a tiny island
in the Canary Islands...
which sit off the side of Africa 
down below Spain & Portugal.


We booked our flights
(you can find some great cut-price tickets to Lanzarote),
found an affordable hotel
(we stayed at the Hotel Hesperia),
and, not knowing what to expect,
showed up to one of the most random
and yet fun trips we have ever taken.

After 2 days of lounging around the resort,
we decided to rent a car on our last day
and sat out on an adventure 
that we still talk about all the time.

It was magical day
cruising around the island
chasing the sun 
and just enjoying being alive and in love.

The odd terrain of the land,
the dramatic beaches, 
the vineyards growing up in lava fields,
the spontaneous camel rides that we came across
(and, duh, totally did)...

... all of it was so fun.

That's how we travel.

Taking our time to slow down,
but ready for adventure at any turn.

And, man,
it has filled up our live
 with some full hearts and magical moments.

*  *  *

I love these "polaroid" snaps I took while we were there-
I hope you will, too!

*  *  *

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*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
*this post was sponsored by Monarch Airlines.

Posted on September 23, 2013 and filed under "Jet Setting", "canary islands", "travel".