Take Note: Fall Is Here.

While autumn may be a few degrees away 
from my friends back home, 
it arrived here in London earlier this week.

The summer slid away quietly
as the air got simultaneously crisp.


Even Viola is ready for the cool weather! 

After getting rid of all of my summer clothes
last summer in a fit of jaded angst against British weather,
warm weather was a bit awkward for me.

Also, remaining baby weight looks better under a coat.

{It's been proven by scientists.}

The bottom line is:
I'm glad to usher in the cooler weather
and get cozy.

While I'm all about coats,
I also love the hibernation
that comes along with the cooler weather.

I'm feeling heavy on the black & leopard...
oh man, it just feels perfect 
to slip on something a little dark + glam
and head out in the cold air.

Get ready, North America...
Autumn will be there before you know it!

Posted on September 25, 2013 and filed under "fall", "shopping".