Homeward Bound

Every time Tyler and I have a free night,
I always ask for the same thing:

Can we lay in bed and watch a girly movie?

I don't think it has ever actually happened...
but if I have to fault Tyler for one thing
I guess ignoring this request
in lieu of getting Thai takeout and Arrested Development
isn't too severe of a mark against him.

Plus, he does the laundry
so I pick my battles.

I loved being pregnant for the very reason I was entitled to hibernate. I wished for bedrest!

So while my aspirations of lounging in bed
a la Charlie's grandparents 
as they wish him well for the chocolate factory
have yet to win out,
I could win big
with a lineup like this
for our next night in.

Too bad I couldn't find 
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia to add to this lineup...
because that always join this house party.

What's your "normal" for a slacker night in?

Posted on October 4, 2013 and filed under "The Sound of Music", "life", "shopping", "wear".