On My Plate.

In busy periods of life,
people often remark
"Wow! You've got a lot on your plate!"

And yes, it's true as life ebbs & flows,
responsibilities tend to mount up
at some times more than others.

It seems that there is a unannounced level
of obligations & commitments
that we expect everyone to have.

The maximum, if you will,
of things going on
that one person can take on
before they start slacking 
in the others.

Do you know what I mean?

If someone is frantic,
others will always remark
at the level of busyness
that they have going on
and somehow surmise that
"they have a lot on their plate."

Or we offer to withhold tasks or invitations
because we assume that other's "plates are full."

But it seems to me
that not everyone has the same plate.

Just as each of us has different styles, preferences & passions,
so we also have tailored thresholds of sanity.

What's overwhelming to some is exciting for others.

What's constricting to one is ordered to another.

Some of us are better focused on less.
The idea of layers of events & to-do's
leaves us overwhelmed & anxious.

We can dominate and perfect
a smaller list
and that brings a lot of satisfaction.

The absence of loose ends
offers a sense of completion, 
that helps keep sanity in tact.

And then there's the other camp
who walks through life
like they constantly parading down
the Thanksgiving buffet line.

Weekends packed with social events? Of course!
Summers spent bouncing from here to there? Duh.
Homeschool all your children? Oh, that sounds fun.

And while there may not be precision in all of these endeavors,
there is joy found in taking them on
and doing your best at them.

So while I'm trying to figure out
how big my plate actually is
(I fear it may be more like a cafeteria tray),
I'm enjoying the ride
and feeling thankful for a husband & baby
who enjoy the craziness with me.

* * *

This post was adapted/stolen from one of Leslie's about a year ago.
I've been chewing on the idea ever since
and whenenver things get crazy,
I start to reevaluate the concept.

One thing I don't question 
is how awesome Anthropologie 
does homeware.

These plates are kicking.

Posted on October 11, 2013 and filed under "life".