An Irish Apology.

Last year, 
I wrote a post
about how I didn't
love the city of Dublin.

The responses were varied.

Some of you agreed.

Some of you though I was crazy.

Last week, I went back
and I looked back through the comments
to find some recommendations
that you offered as highlights 
for my next stay in Dublin.

And, woah. 

You delivered.

First recommendation: The Bank for Dinner. Very cool place. So cool, we couldn't get a table. Next time!

So, Dublin,
I'm coming back to you.

With my hands over my heart,
pleading on my knees,
and my belly a little chubbier
after discovering some of the gems
of your fair city.

here are some new stops to add to the list
to create an awesome time of your own 
when you find yourself in Dublin.

*   *   *

Fallon & Byrne

After reading a comment recommending 
this stop for eats,
I was keen to keep my eye out for it.

Luckily, I didn't have to strain my eyes too hard...
as it was next to our hotel.

The first night we had dinner in the restaurant upstairs.


Tyler left with the baby a few minutes early
as I settled up the bill and ordered a coffee.

The amazingly sweet waitress 
talked me into embracing the moment alone
and trying their signature dessert, 
the Knickerbocker Glory.

Imagine a big sundae glass layered with
berries, ice cream, cheesecake, whipped cream, & digestive cookie crumble.


I also loved their take away coffee bar.

The week I was there, they were donating all sales
to the relief of the Philippines. 

After watching a few hours of coverage on it the night before,
that got big points from me.

And the flourless chocolate cake didn't hurt either.

Check them out here.

*   *   *

Central Hotel

This hotel is in a great location.

Not only is it a stone's throw from Fallon & Byrne,
but it sits just a few steps from everywhere you want to see
during your time in Dublin.

(Trust me, it's a decent place.)

The rooms aren't anything fancy,
but the prices are great,
the staff was really kind & gracious,,
the location is great,
and it will more than get the job done.

Check it out here.

*  *  *


All over Ireland, 
you'll see small shops
boasting that they sell Bewley's Coffee.

Go straight to the source
in the middle of bustling Grafton Street
while you're in town for a classic cup
and a great view.

Potato & Bacon soup with brown bread.... when in Rome.

Whether you eat inside
or score one of the balcony seats
on a nice day,
it's a stop that,
with it's stained-glass windows & constant buzz-
 will add a little character to your day
without stripping your wallet.

*   *   *

Brown Thomas

I think there is something 
really special about visiting 
the main department store of a city.

Not just one that is part of a chain,
but one that stands alone
as an icon for the city's style.

In Paris, you visit Printemps or Galleries LaFayette.
In London, Liberty or Harvey Nichols.
In New York, Henri Bendel or Barney's.
In Dallas, you go to the first Neiman's downtown.

And in Dublin,
you visit

The windows are gorgeous,
the departments are curated perfectly,
and the prices...
well, they're high.

(It's fancy!)

But it's worth stopping through
and buying something pretty for yourself.

Even if it's something on the smaller side,
like a pretty candle.

*   *   *

So thanks for the help, amigos.

It made my four nights in Dublin
all the better
with your suggestions and guidance.

And now,
I only feel it right to conclude 
with one more round of your suggestions
on the best Dublin stops...

I can only guess how great
 it will make next time like.

*all photos original to Aspiring Kennedy
Posted on November 26, 2013 and filed under "dublin", "ireland", "travel".