Pack Your Bags: The Lake District (England)


I've blogged about the Lakes District before (and the previous post may even have more information), but I always feel the need to add the new places that I discover upon my return to familiar sites.

So here a few extra glorious stops for you to make if (and when!) you find yourself in the glorious Lakes District in England.... and some selfies of myself + Viola. (I'm sorry and you're welcome.)

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The World of Beatrix Potter

After skipping this stop over the previous years, I finally decided to give this stop a chance. Woah baby, this was way cuter than I imagined.

If you have a kids -or fond childhood memories involving Peter Rabbit- make this stop when you go to Windermere. (And, if you're in the lakes, you should go to Windermere.) There are gorgeous "It's a Small World" like scenes for each of the stories by Beatrix Potter, sans the boat ride, unfortunately.

Complete with a stop by Mr. MacGregor's garden, tea + cakes at the cafe downstairs, and a knit hat complete with bunny ears from the children's shop- this was a fun way to spend the afternoon. {Editor's Note: You don't need to pay to enter the cafe or gift shops.} Admission for adults: £7


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When you're in Windermere, eat lunch at The Hole in The Wall Pub

It's completely cozy and ticks all the boxes your mind will have for the stereotypical British pub.


Sarah Nelson Grasmere Gingerbread

The birthplace of gingerbread is a tiny shop near the church in Grasmere... and the women working in the closet-sized shop wear old-fashioned aprons & bonnets.

You may be a bit surprised at the biscuit-like (read: "cookie-like" if in America) consistency of this forerunner to Starbucks gingerbread loaf. Oh, and get some homemade fudge while you're there. I mean, you might as well.

Then take the spoils of your visit and wander lonely like a cloud through the church cemetery and pay your respects to the Wordsworth family.


I always stay at the Ambleside Central Hotel in, well, Ambleside... but last year, we detoured and stayed at the  Red Lion in Grasmere. Also a good option! Less to choose from at night for dinner since the town is much smaller, but the hotel was super cute & cozy.


For more of my favorite stops in the Lakes District, hop back to my earlier post for fun places like Beatrix Potter's home, Hilltop Farm, my favorite place for breakfast, The Apple Pie Bakery, and Wordsworth's home, Dove Cottage and more here.



*images original to Aspiring Kennedy


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