A Surprise Hen At the Daylesford Organic Farm

Three years ago,
I would think that the title of this post
would guarantee a story of a chicken
would be about to unfold.

But guess what...
it's not!

A "hen" (or "hen-do" or "hen party")
is what ye olde Brits call bachelorette parties.

So surprise!

This isn't a blog post about chickens...
it's about a girls weekend away
celebrating my friend, Amber
and her upcoming wedding.

We surprised Amber with a weekend away
to a undisclosed location.

I came over an hour before we were leaving,
helped her pack a suitcase
with weird, vague scenarios she might encounter.

(Example: Pretend you are going to be in the "It's All Good" cookbook photoshoot.)

Amber thought I was crazy...
which makes her very intuitive.

We hopped the bus,
arrived at Paddington
and- surprise- all of her ladies
were waiting for her at the Paddington Bear statue.

We hopped a train,
gave her a box of clues,
and before we were out of the city-
our destination was revealed:
a ladies weekend at the famous 
Daylesford Organic Farm 
in the Cotswolds.

We had such an amazing time.

I really can't think of a prettier and more relaxing weekend.

We stayed in the Wild Rabbit Inn,
had a group yoga class,
got a visit to the spa for massages,
and took a four hour cooking class.

Now, I can hear your thoughts:
Lauren, you're supposed to be cheap.
This place looks fannnnncy.

Who do you think you are, Nora Ephron?

It was, but going as a group helped out the pricing so much!

We paid for our hotel separately, 
but for the yoga, 45 minute massages + cooking class
it was only around £160 per person.

That's not terrible for two days of activities...
especially of this caliber.

(And this group of girls was a pretty awesome one to share it with.)

Personally, I have to say,
it far trumps my bachelorette party,
which was so much of a disaster
I'm not even going to talk about here.

*    *   *

What do you think?
Is this your type of girls weekend
or would you spend that £160 on a flight to Ibiza?

(Personally, this girly weekend was my Gwyneth-y cup of tea.)

*all images original to Aspiring Kennedy
Posted on December 18, 2013 and filed under "England day trips", "England", "friends", "parties".