Winter Wonder: Fresh Mint Tea

When we were living in Paris
in the spring of 2012,
it was one of the coldest winters
in Europe in a hundred years...

The freezing temps meant we were ducking into cafes
as often as we possibly could 
in hopes of warming up.

The thing is,
if I drank coffee
every time I needed to warm up,
I'd be spazzing out 
from the constant caffeine buzz.

You would see me jittering 
down the Champs Elysees
a hundred miles an hour.

Eventually, I opted 
for fresh mint tea-
or "the a la menthe."

And thank goodness I did.

I stumbled upon a guilt-free treat
that I can enjoy
without any sugar intake
or unwanted caffeine.

And, man, it is so flipping good.

When the weather turns chilly,
I turn on the kettle
and pluck a few leaves
to make my own brew.

(You can drizzle a bit of honey or a spoon of sugar in, if you prefer it a bit sweeter.)

It's such a simple & elegant way
to warm up…


* tea image
Posted on December 4, 2013 and filed under "Paris", "hot tea".