Your prize for being good all year.

In the midst of gift guides
that are scatted around the inter webs
at this time of year
pointing you in the perfect direction
for buying for loved ones...

It's prudent to keep you eye out
for what you'll be buying
with your own Christmas cash
in the post-Christmas sales.

Doesn't it always seem that you end up 
with a few crisp bills
from relatives at this time of year. 

I love it.

So I like to pre-shop a bit...
so that when those mark downs hit,
I can snag them.

Here are some of my favorite picks under $50...
minus the awesome boots.

And remember,
if online shopping isn't going to cut it for you
and you're forced to trek out to the mall...

Stay hydrated  
(skinny gingerbread latte)
and keep energized
(peppermint ice cream)
so you don't wear out
and fully enjoy the holiday madness.

Happy Christmas!

Posted on December 19, 2013 and filed under "christmas", "shopping", "style watch".