The French Camel

There are tons of reason 
I'm excited to get back to France,
but I can't deny that 
the refresh to my style 
won't be a big one.

I've been wearing the same clothes
for a realllly long time...
pretty much since we last were in Paris.

Not that I'm waiting to 
dump beaucoups of cash
in the haute couturiers of France...

But simply because I'm so inspired
by the effortless chic style
of the women in Paris.

I need to absorb some of that...
because the look I have is 
miles away from chic.

It's more.... 
wrinkled and snagged.

One item I do have ready
from our last life in Paris
is my camel coat.

photo by noah darnell

This piece is perfect for Paris
in so many ways.

It's dressy, but quiet.

It's warm, but allows layers.

It's casual, but cleaned-up.

It's one of my favorite souvenirs I've ever bought.

It makes me feel 40% less of an impostor
and almost like a local 
wandering through places like the Luxembourg Gardens.


In the post-Christmas sales,
there are some more great tan coats
currently up for grabs.

Check my picks below
to update your look
with items that are tres cheap.

(Well, at least, at great sale prices.)

*images original to Aspiring Kennedy

Posted on January 3, 2014 and filed under "France", "shopping", "wear".