My Notting Hill: Book & Kitchen

Just off the craziness of Portobello Road, there's a small street that I particularly love. It's just a stone's throw away from the madness of the market, but it's a tiny sliver of quiet & bliss: Allsaints Road.

It is just... so cute. It has small independent pubs & restaurants dotting the tiny colorful street.

We used to love to go the Pelican (no longer there, sadly) for yummy pub meals and for the sweet staff that always treated Viola like a doll. But on days when it's just me... well, I like to go to a place that's a bit quieter and entirely quaint:

Book & Kitchen

This tiny shop is half bookshop... half, you guessed it, kitchen! It feels like a place that would make Kathleen Kelly smile.

The giant windows pour in sunshine and the tiny back deck is the perfect place to spend alone with a good book or a wandering thought... or you know, shame eating a piece of cake. (I'll never judge you for that, you know that.)

Even though it has a a significantly smaller offering than the large chain book stores, this place gets my vote for the best bookshop in London. They have a children's nook that is so cute and cozy. When Viola gets older and starts enjoying books for more than licking, I have visions of spending chilly afternoons down there with her. Oh yeah, and the staff is crazy nice, too.

You're gonna love it here.


Book & Kitchen

31 All Saints Road

London W11 1HE


Photography by

Noah Darnell

Posted on February 4, 2014 and filed under "London", "books", "notting hill".