About Me

photo: aaron snow
Aspiring Kennedy started as an way to articulate my passions 
& make them prettier in Photoshop. 

But after countless post of talking about what I love... 
it's grown into so much more.

{Who knew so many other people love things like YSL lip gloss, lemon tarts, & Roald Dahl?}

After several years in luxury markets,
I gave up my office, handed in my keys, 
and headed East with the love my life. 

Our story continues in England.

After a year of reveling in Oxford's academia
and a chilly springtime in Paris,
we've found ourselves calling a sunny flat in Notting Hill our new home
with our new daughter, Viola, & our broken- but healing- hearts.

Welcome to our adventure.


Curious about my job? Life plans? Obsession with carbs?
Watch my vlog to hear me answer some FAQ that I get asked.

Posted on June 4, 2013 .