I live in Notting Hill,
yes, the cute one from the movie. 

You see,
I did live in Dallas,
till we moved to Oxford,
but now we are in London...
even though I worked in Paris this spring.

It's all a bit confusing, really.

Life as an ex-pat is challenging,
but an experience I couldn't love more.

Many people want to move to England, too.

I think you should,
it would change your life.

But here are a few things you should know first
{most of which I discuss on my vlog or in this post}.

It's almost impossible to immigrate to the UK.

The best way to get a visa is 
to be transferred by a US company
or apply to a university here.

So how did we do it?

Tyler got accepted into school,
which gave us our visas...

From there, 
I honestly got lucky.

I had my visa 
and when I volunteered to help 
my undergraduate school's UK program...
it coincided with the current director's resignation.

And I've thanked my lucky stars every day since.

Study Abroad programs, though popular, 
typically operate with small office staffs...
and while it is incredibly fun, 
its actually a lot of work & very long hours.

Obviously, moving overseas can be done.
I did it & tons of other people have.
I just don't know one that hasn't legally 
got to this side of the pond
without a transfer or student visa.

If you are relocating to the UK,
I'll do my best to answer questions
& help direct you down the right path...
but I'll be up front:
my husband did every single jot 
of our immigration paperwork! 

If you are looking to visit England,
all my favorite places, hotels, day trips & food are listed here.

Posted on January 14, 2013 .