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Alluring Kennedy: Harry Shum Jr

Laura from Something Legit is back,
and introducing me to some new eye candy from GLEE.

I haven't ever watched the show {except for Gwyneth's guest star}...
but it after today,  it looks like I might be changing my tune.

Cue Music....

Lights, Smoke Machine

This week's Alluring Kennedy, drum roll please, 

also best known as Mike Chang on Glee. 

This AK first caught my eye in the movie, Step Up 2: The Streets. 

Yes I do own this movie, 
and No, I do not know why.

Wait- yes, I do!

 Because its a known fact, I love this dudes sweet moves

Seriously, he's too cute.

This suit fits like a glove. 
Doesn't it look great?

The epulets on this militant jacket add just the right touch of style. 

Harry has a huge role as choreographer the LA based dance group LXD.

So what do you guys think?

Are you now believers in Harry Shum Nation?

PS. Check out Laura's awesome post from Monday.
 I was proud to be an American after seeing what stylish men were running the show...
except for the Clinton shot.
Have mercy.

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Alluring Kennedy: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Hey, its Laura-
 from SomethingLegit

Today, I bring you this Alluring Kennedy: 
Joseph Gordon Levitt

Lately I have been referring to this man as JoGo. 

And as of late, he has been going for the gold. 

Its been a long road since 
Angels In The Outfield + 3rd Rock From The Sun. 

 JoGo first caught my eye this time around in the indie gem, Brick

He's channeling his inner male model.
Plus, his wardrobe in (500) Days Of Summer, changed my life 
and thus confirmed that Adidas Sambas could in fact 
be worn with sweater vests and JCrew slacks.


Don't act like your not impressed.
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Alluring Kennedy: Love Actually

Welcome back, Laura, of
the ever cool men's fashion site,
  Something Legit.

Today she brings us a
 Christmas Miracle
in the form of the men
of my FAVORITE move....

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes! 

I love Love Actually season. 

I could watch this holiday movie EVERYDAY. 

Last year Aspiring Kennedy made me a banofee pie and hot chocolate 
as we curled up to watch this flick.
{and it changed both of our lives...}

Every aspect from scenery around London, Natalie's Red Coat, the Mariah Carey cover, and Hot Karl.

Lets take a look at the Alluring Kennedy's that make this movie so enjoyable. 

"The Prime Minister"
Hugh Grant

"Uncle Jamie"
Colin Firth 

"{Hot} Karl"
Rodrigo Santoro 

 "Sir Colin"
Kris Marshall 

Andrew Lincoln

John... "but my friends call me, Jack."
 Martin Freeman

Chiwetel Ejiofor

 Alluring Kennedy Jr...  
Thomas Brodie Sangster

A Legend Amongst Mortals

My friend Laura from Something Legit is back
with her swoon worthy series:
Alluring Kennedy.

Today she is singing us the sweet praises of Mr. John Legend.


John, lull me with your sweet melodies

Can't you just imagine yourself in a John Legend montage?

running through the park,
eating ice cream cones,
riding tandem bikes?

. . . . .

{Oh, I passed out. I'm back.}

What a dream!

No woman would ever resist taking a guy like this one home. 


Look at that face...

Save room for my love, Mr. Legend.
You are an Alluring Kennedy with a lot of class.

Alluring Kennedy: George Clooney

Oh sir...

 have you come a long way
since the Facts Of Life

You matured like a fine wine before our eyes....


and took up residence in this sacred place... Lake Como, Italy

and have turned girls to women. 

Yes, I do want to go to there

*Contributing writer, Laura, is a co-creator of Something Legit: the consulting business that turns boys into men via a better wardrobe. Check out her handiwork & blog .