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Souvenir Stylings: Provence, France

Hello again!

It's Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer,

Beth Dotolo

I'm charged with the task 
of designing her dream homes abroad 
and helping her recreate her travels at home.

...and by 'charged' I mean: 'out of the kindness of my heart'.

to Southern France for 'work'.

(Yes, that's real life.)

Southern France is known for
it's picturesque countryside & rural villages...

But, let's be honest,
Aspiring Kennedy ain't no farm hand! 

So we're taking French Provencal up a notch 
adding a little twist.

Because, even though 
Aspiring Kennedy 
is simple at heart... 

She's just plain... fancy. 

Now, that's a French countryside 
I could see Aspiring Kennedy
hanging her hat on. 

Here are a few great pieces
that can add a bit of that
French Provencal style,
without making your space 
look like a farm home...

If you could travel abroad 
and take that 'look' home with you,
where would you go?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,

Souvenir Stylings: Canary Islands

Hello again!

Beth Dotolo, from Hello, Splendor, here... 
Aspiring Kennedy's faithful interior designer.

Do you remember how faithful??

Yes, that's right, so faithful...
 I work for free!

Well, Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy
are back from a brief jet set
to the Canary Islands.

For this souvenir styling edition, 
I wanted to give them a small reminder
of their blissful getaway!
Not everything has to be so literal...

So, we're introducing a hint of canary yellow! 

Let's give them just a pop...

A hint to remind them of their quick trip to the Canary Islands...

Because don't we all need 
a small reminder
of our escapes?

How do you keep your vacation alive 
when you come back to the real world?

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo

Souvenir Stylings: Italy

Hello Aspiring Kennedy readers!

For those of you I haven't met,
Aspiring Kennedy's faithful 
Interior Designer
(So faithful that I work for free!).

Aspiring Kennedy recently took a trip to Italy! 
While I'm insanely jealous, 
I've still managed to muster up picks 
from some of my favorite Italian designers. 

I'm thinking that we need to 
infuse a little color into
this Oxford-dweller's life!

Who is your favorite designer out of Italy? Fashion or otherwise!

Aspiring Kennedy's 
Faithful Interior Designer,
Beth Dotolo

Souvenir Stylings: Munich, Germany

Hello friends! 
It's Beth from Hello, Splendor
Aspiring Kennedy's faithful friend 
Interior Designer.

Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy 
recently travelled to Munich, Germany 
and it's my task to help design 
a great vacation home for this jet-setting couple!

Aspiring Kennedy is more
of a classic lady,
but, Munich is going through a major
modern design moment. 

Think industrial chic...

modern lines...

Lots of light...

But, now for the color...

Should Aspiring Kennedy go bold with red??

Or, should she go safe and serene with white??
Do Tell!

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo
Hello, Splendor Nest Interior Design

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Souvenir Stylings: Oslo, Norway

Hello, Aspiring Kennedy readers!
Beth from Hello, Splendor here... 
I'm Aspiring Kennedy's interior designer.

Since moving to Oxford, 
Aspiring Kennedy and Mr. Aspiring Kennedy 
have been jet setting across the globe. 

The first stop in their trek 
was Oslo, Norway, 
where they visited the famed Ice Hotel...

I got to work on brainstorming... 
what would Mr. & Mrs. Aspiring Kennedy's 
vacation home in Oslo, Norway
look like?

How could I give them part of the Ice Hotel ??

And how can I translate that look 
into an amazing interior 
so they can relive the moments 
of their amazing vacation together?

A structure made of ice 
is a pretty big architectural feat to live up to.
I mean, it's really pretty incredible. 

So, as my thoughts of happiness 
continue to reign over jealously... 
It finally came to me...

Enjoy your vacation home, Lauren & Tyler!

Keep checking back... 
I'll be chronicling their travels with a post each week. 
I've got to keep up with this jet-setting duo! 

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo