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Pack Your Bags: Serengeti Safari with Sanctuary Retreats!

Most of the time, 
these Pack Your Bags series 
offer my inside knowledge 
of how to travel
to & from different places.

But today,
I'm just telling you what to pack
if you were headed on a 
safari through the Tanzanian Serengeti
with Sanctuary Retreats...

I'm packing my unlimited-Mary-Poppins-of-a-bag
stuffed full of everything that I'd love to have with me.

*    *   *
Why leave it at a packing list?

Because there's nothing else you need to worry about.

When you travel with a safari outfitter like that-
they take care of all the other details.

When my dad turned 50,
he took our family on a safari
through Kenya & Tanzania.

I'm tempted to label the experience as 
"once in a lifetime,"
except I have hopes of repeating it 
someday with Tyler.

So I'll just leave it at "amazing" for now.

If you're planning a honeymoon, getaway,
or just looking for an experience of a lifetime-
Sanctuary Retreats will offer you options 
that will leave you drooling 
more than a lion over a zebra carcass.

* * *

You can also take a peek at my #virtualsuitcase 
that I "packed" on Pinterest with Sanctuary here.

*this post was sponsored by Sanctuary Retreats.

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