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Going. Going...


Well, almost.
Check back Thursday. 
I'm actually leaving for England then.

However, this past week has been a full out party week.
And I have to admit- it's been awesome.

I feel like I had a second wedding
being surrounded by so many people that I love.

Like Friday night for example...
my sweet friends hosted the best party for me.

It was at Times Ten Cellars.

It was pretty.

It was intimate.

It became hilarious.

And then it turned physical.

I can't tell you how blessed I am
to have so many amazing people in my life.

At one point in the night, I looked around 
and was overwhelmed 
with the amazing people surrounding me.

I was sandwiched between some of the most beautiful, talented, kind hearted people possible.

{At a later point, I looked around, and couldn't believe how ridiculous it had become.}

and all my other sweet friends who made this night

Tyler & I will miss all of you terribly. 
Please come visit soon!

All photos were taken by Kevin Dotolo (except the grainy iPhone pic of Beth doing a back flip.)
 Kevin is awesome. Seriously. Check out his website,
 Here you will realize that all photographic needs should be routed through him directly. for the rest of your life.

Souvenir Stylings: Malibu

Hello there! 
For those of us who haven't met, 
I am Aspiring Kennedy's interior designer

As Aspiring Kennedy travels the globe, 
I have taken on the challenge of designing her vacation homes. 

With her recent trip to Malibu,
I figured that she must want a beachside abode to reside in. 

Something modern...

Something for entertaining...

Something Luxurious...

And, finally, 
Something for Cashmere Cowboy 
to ride when he visits...

I wonder where Aspiring Kennedy is jet-setting to next??

Aspiring Kennedy's faithful Interior Designer,

Beth Dotolo

*image sources